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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Witchcraft is as much different from occult as the hell is from heaven. ~Neko

People often mistook witchcraft as occult or the other way round. But both of them have a huge difference between them. Here what I have got for you people,


This is more of an art than a practice. Witchcraft includes small magics and daily seances. In witchcraft, there are practices from beginner's level to the expert's level.

The small green magic, pink magic, red magic and so on comes under witchcraft and even the tarot reading falls under it. The psychic powers were given to the world by witchcraft.

The power of affirmations, manifestation, rituals and so on are given to the world by witchcraft. Witchcraft includes lunar craft too, which actually is the study of moon and energy flow of water.

All the examples I have given include one thing that they all are practices. They all need to be done physically or are action-based. That is the thing which makes witchcraft a practice or more of a doing thing.


Now, the occult is not a joke or for beginners, it is only for experts. Only perfect people should do this because occult practices needs perfection. A single mistake can lead you to your death door. Occult includes high energy shift and energy transformation very directly, which makes it very dangerous because now it has your body to be touched. Occultism is also related to black magic. Most of the occultism's practices fall under black magic, which surely is no joke to play with.

Plus occult is given to us by the higher divine, Devi Kali or Maha-Kali herself, which is much more to compared with normal witchcraft and things like that.


Witches are the one who gifted the world with witchcraft. But the misconception is that "Witches use Witchcraft." I am not saying they don't. But if have read my last article, in which I have made very clear why witches do not use witchcraft always and if you haven't read then go and check it out!

Other than this, witches are the one who discovered witchcraft.

Now it can be simplified that they differentiated magic into most of the terms we know today.

The concepts of healing like #GreenMagic, #PinkMagic or reiki healing is also witch's gift, as they are the producers of stonework. The universal energy is what they believe in. The higher divine the ultimate source is what they worship. Summoning the different types of creatures is a part of witchcraft, not witchcraft is itself. Means summoning bad or good creature is a part of practice doesn't mean witches worship them or something. The misconception of witches worshiping the devil is very prominent but not true. If it is a real witch, they would always say that it's the divine or universe which is the ultimate source and you would find them worshiping a female figure.

Now you know what a real witch is like. So, can I say that you can now differentiate between good or bad witches? Yes? Lemme know by comments. 😊💖 ~Neko

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