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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Anyone with mastery in any particular field in terms of spirituality is a witch, even if they DO NOT use #witchcraft. ~Neko

From the very starting of mankind, people and #society have been portraying witches as a negative element for society. They were and at some places still are considered as #misfortune and bad energies. But the condition is much better than that of the eighteenth century now. At that time the #Witchhunt was a very common thing.

It is also estimated that more than 6 lakh women were burnt alive during this time, just because they were accused to be a witch. They weren't even given a chance to prove their innocence. This is can also be counted as fear and negligence of rulers and leaders of that time towards female and their rights.

Though, nowadays we know exactly that a witch is not a reference to a woman with long hair, dancing naked on the full moon night with the #devil. But is a non-binary calling to a person who masters a very field in any #spirituality.

What is a real witch?

Witches were considered mostly women, this fact has its own secret. The word represents not a female gender but female energy more like yin energy. Only female energy provides us with flexibility and softness, which are the most important factor when it comes to spirituality and spiritual growth. Flexibility is something which would let the universe mold us into something beautiful and softness is what which will help us share our knowledge with others. Thus it's not a female but more of a person with high feminity.

Not every witch use witchcraft and other magic practices. Some people are so powerful that they had access to their powers without any spells or practices. Some healers, oracles and light lamps are the best examples for this.

Because witches are so knowledgeable and experts they would make people know what is right and what is wrong. That was another reason why they were cast out of society by powerful people.

What kind of powers does a witch have?

Witches with their knowledge have access to great powers such as healing, communication with other dimensional things and many other things.

They also work as one of the communities who help to retain the magic on the earth. They work as a bridge between magic and humanity. They made this balance by all the energy exchanges and energy shifts.

Their knowledge and wisdom are what helped humanity to grow in terms of spirituality. For centuries these witches have maintained this balance. They have help people to live more lively and self-connected lives and this is something everyone should be thankful for this community.

What has done in past cannot be changed but the future is what we hold. We can change things by simply accepting the facts. So, I guess you know what to do. ~Neko

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