What is a Spirit Animal?|How to connect to one?

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

The universe sends us messages through different mediums, the best one is your spirit animal. ~Neko

What is a spirit animal?

Spirit animal is the animal spirit which chooses to be your helper in this lifetime of yours on earth. These are the spirits of various animals which help you in your spiritual journey on earth.

Our life's journey here on earth is not an easy task and there are a lot of problems we have to face. Sometimes these problems can leave us so confused that we just don't know in what direction should we head. Then we often seek help from the universe directly. So the universe tries to contact us in different ways, one of which is the spirits of an animal.

However, we are given the spirits of the animal which best suits us.

Every spirit animal has its own unique qualities that are helpful in your spiritual path. They help us get a better understatement of the universe and its's orders. They and their powers are also helpful in our spiritual tasks. Sometimes they can help us in unblocking our path even.

What is so special about Spirit Animals?

Spirit animal is not just a spirit of an animal that sticks to you and help you around. They are much deeper than this. Always remember you do not choose your spirit animal, they choose you. Your spirit animal is given to you because they have certain qualities that can prove really helpful in your path. Your spirit animal is the most loyal ones to you and they will always be there for you when it needs to be. Remember they are so loyal that they won't even think twice before actually giving their lives for you.

How to find the right spirit animal for you?

People say, it's really difficult to actually find your spirit animal, but as I always say, that's not true.

I have got some really awesome tricks for you to get access to your spirit animal:

  • Find the animal that you feel the connection with. Our soul is very sensitive when it comes to recognizing the connection with our loved ones and if you're one of the people who actually can hear this call easily then, this your way. Feel the strongest connection that you feel with a certain animal. Always remember, the connection would be on both sides. Means if you feel attracted to them then they would feel the same towards you. Because they could feel the connection on a much deeper level.

  • Look at your dreams, because they always try to contact you there. Dreaming is the most amazing gift humans can have and you can use it for more than just an entertainment purpose. They can tell you a lot about your spirit animal. Look at your dreams and notice the pattern of a particular animal showing again and again in your dreams. Or you can say one thing before going to bed, that is, calling your spirit animal. Simply saying, "Dear spirit animal, I call upon you. Please meet me in my dreams." This would help you get a better connection with your spirit animal.

  • Journal about the animals you feel most drawn to. You can just sit down for 5-10 minutes and think what animal reflects you the most. What kind of animal can be your strength? Feel the connection and feel the past life bonds too. You can also use the past-life regression or astral projection for knowing your spirit animal more.

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