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In tarot, there are 22 cards known as major arcana. They are also known as trump cards. They are numbered between 0-21. They show the main 22 events of a person's life and their coming in any reading makes it clear that the person is going through a drastic life-changing phase.

Everyone knows this but do you know the story of major arcana's cards?

Let's begin the story here:

A man started his journey as a child and he didn't know anything about the world. But even than he was ready to try new things. He had spent his past life anyhow and this was a new start for him. So our FOOL started his new journey full of compassion and open-mindedness to a goal, which even he didn't know.

Soon on his journey, some obstacles comes his way. But just like a MAGICIAN, he changed every obstacle into a beautiful flower. During one of these problems he came across stage where he didn't know what to do anymore. All magic washed away with his logic. But then suddenly someone called him and told him a solution. When he noticed that it was his inner self calling to him, his interest was poked. He started working with his inner-self and thus attained the wisdom like a HIGH-PRIESTESS.

With such a deep knowledge of himself, he compassionate towards nature the source of all. He started to get in touch with nature and was gifted with the power of creation, sensuality and fertilization like an EMPRESS.

Continuing his journey, he came across some people and he helped them build a structure, have stability and made his authority as an EMPEROR. Soon after when everyone realized about his divine knowledge, they made him their teacher. He, like a pop or a HIEROPHANT, started to teach people about the knowledge of trinity and universe's flexibility.

Soon after he came across his other half or his soulmate with whom he continued his journey as THE LOVERS. Together with the knowledge of his soulmate, he became clear of good and bad. He held his CHARIOT and move forward in a positive direction. In his journey, he was faced with some really bad experiences. At those time he just couldn't handle himself and our hero started to break down. Soon enough he got a solution and called his inner STRENGTH. Once again he set himself in a new direction towards a new life and the things went on.

Having experienced in human society for so long he got tired and went away on a journey to self-realization, a journey to ultimate happiness, like a HERMIT.

After achieving what he wanted he came back to society and there he had WHEEL OF FORTUNE with him. As he realized his destiny as a hermit, the good luck started to walk with him. It looked like the whole world wanted to walk alongside him.

Then in his life for the first time, he had a situation of injustice. He felt an urge to do justice or to witness the justice happening. It was for the first time he realized KARMA always reflect and JUSTICE will always happen no matter what. But somehow he felt as if he was the victim in the situation and was not served with proper justice. He started to act like THE HANGED MAN, playing all victim mentality although it was all his choice from the starting and in a way he was also aware of it.

Then only one thing happened to him. DEATH. As the death came across his path he accepted it with open arms. He knew deep down that it was not the end, it was only a new beginning.

Then, when he died, he started searching for a new body. He traveled a lot as a soul and his soul was as pure as an angel itself. He helped a lot of people like an angel thus learnt TEMPERANCE and also got blessings from angels for his next lifetime. When he finally found a body and took birth, he was given everything from the starting. He had all the luxuries in his life because of the good karma of past life and blessings from the angels. All these things spoiled him to the core turning him into a DEVIL.

Then he received a huge shock to his beliefs and all his ego left. He started to have hope again, the hope of gaining the forgiveness of divine and his inner self. He clings to THE STAR of hope. With time being, he went deeper into himself, he started to heal his inner self. He turned towards his intuitions, THE MOON. Which helped him see a whole new world full of positivity and good things, the world of THE SUN. He spent the rest of his life living in the world of the sun.

Finally, the day came, day of JUDGEMENT when he got to meet divine and there he asked only one thing. Being able to always rest in peace, being one with the divine, one with THE WORLD. And thus his wish was granted and he rested in peace till than to now.

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