Spider and its spiritual meaning

Spider are the representative of divine femininity and they guide us to be just like them; being a divine feminine ourselves ~Neko


Spiders represent high femininity. Just like a female, they weave their own house and there they create their world. Spider is a mysterious creature and they mostly represent shadow self.

Shadow work

Seeing a spider can also mean you need to do some shadow work. As spiders show the dark aspect of oneself they ask for shadow work of acceptance of shadow self. They also mean sometimes accepting the secrets which you are holding back from someone. They are the call for open-mindedness.

Weaving destiny

They also represent heading towards destiny. Spider is very creative and a heart chakra representative creature. They mostly represent the creative aspect of human life. Seeing a spider can also mean that, just like a spider weaves its own house you need to weave your very own destiny.

Beware of Back-stabbers

Seeing spider can means, that you need to look for something behind your back or there is a back-stabber in your life that you should be really careful of. Sometime there are people who show that they are your well-wisher but in reality, they are not.

Faith & Patience

It also means that you had done enough now have some faith and patience as the rewards you deserve are coming for you, but they will need time to be prepared. Faith and patience are the keys for hard workers. But remember everything that happens in the universe happen with a divine timing. So wait for your divine timing.

Unleash the beast

Spider also means to unleash your dark side. They can also mean that you now need to free your inner dark side and let the people know who you truly are, whether they accept it or not, it's their headache.

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