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Snakes are the most grounded creature ever have lived on earth. ~Neko

From very ancient times, we humans have a history with snakes. We have them in folklores, myths, legends and where not. Sometimes it even seems that our ancestors really loved snakes for no reason at all. But that's not true, they have a really good reason for that and we will be seeing at the end of the article. First, let's start with questions mostly asked about it:

What does a snake represent in terms of spirituality?

In terms of spirituality, the snake is feminine power. It represents transformation and rebirth. Just like a snake shed its skin, it symbolizes we should shed our old skin have a new start. It also represents immortality and healing.

Does it even have a meaning?

It has a very specific meaning attached to it. Snakes are the most grounded creatures as for their whole life they kept creeping on the ground and they also have the ability to sense human emotions. Sometimes they even react to it. Best way to know if you're having a stable emotion or not. Which is very important for your spiritual growth.

What does it symbolize?

Snake also symbolize as a Kundalini in Hinduism, which is the difference between you and your soul or the micro-universe. The Kundalini is represented by a snake which when rises, the connection between you and universe also increase and you become more and more powerful in terms of every aspect of life.

What it actually means seeing a snake?

Seeing a snake can represent a rebirth or transformation. Snake is considered both as good and evil. So it can be hard to determine what it actually wanna symbolize. But as per saying goes, deep down in our hearts, we all know the truth. So it's up to you now, what to think of it.

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