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Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Rise from ashes, just like a Phoenix and you will be immortal like a Phoenix. ~Neko

Which rises from its ashes is a Phoenix. Many legendary stories and tales tell us about Phoenix and its greatness. In every story or tale, these creatures are shown as judges. They hold a really great position even in those legendary stories, a great example will the fifth movie of Harry Potter which was named as "Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix."

But that all is a just show how much humanity is inclined towards the Phoenix. Let's talk about the mythological explanations about Phoenix and the mainly asked questions too.

What is Phoenix?

A Phoenix is a creature who reforms or rebirth from its ashes. In mythology, the creature is known as one of the supreme ones. Phoenix also represents the transformation that is, first death and then rebirth. It sometimes used as a metaphor too. In tarot and astrology, this creature is shown as a sacred one. In some parts of the world, it is also known as a good omen to glimpses and think about Phoenix.

Is Phoenix still lives or extinct?

Phoenix never dies. They die every night with last light and reborn with the first light in the morning. According to mythology, a Phoenix can live for 500 years. They are found as both male and female, meaning they can reproduce. Plus they had no particular weakness found, meaning they all are alive and living, on some other plane, or maybe with us but secretly.

Addition Information:
  • Phoenix can take the form of anything, that is an animal, human or anything you name it. But one thing that remains the same is that they have green shaded eyes. Either hazel, dark green, light green or any shade of green.

  • Phoenix is also a fire elemental creature make it really stand out. SO, if you have Phoenix as your animal guide than that means you are a fiery person and your fire is so powerful that it attracted Phoenix itself to you.

  • Phoenix cannot be killed by anything, they have particularly no weakness. They do have permanent enemies like serpents of hell and other but other than that no particular weakness is ever mentioned about them.

  • Mostly its female Phoenix that chooses to be a spirit guide, because mostly in between male and female, females are more calm and flexible according to the chosen person.

  • Phoenix is also called as great healers. They can heal themselves easily. They also have the power of regeneration. If any part of them is cut then they can grow it back again, but as soon as the part will be detached from Phoenix it burns down to ashes.

  • With Phoenix, there is also a legend of Dark Phoenix. It is said that the Phoenix show the light to the world but sometimes in history, it's powers are also used for evil deeds and then the flames of light refuse to do so. So, the dark Phoenix was born from a part of Light Phoenix which had blue flames instead of fiery ones.

  • Phoenix is also known to be as old as the cosmos itself. It is also called one of the oldest cosmic entities. It represents the fire energy which was not yet born.

  • Phoenix is also one of the wisest creatures of the universe and they are also blessed with dimensional entries. Meaning they have access to literally any dimension they want.

  • Phoenix is also associated with Sun, renewal and transformation, death and rebirth. Phoenix energies are one of the most fierce and old ones.

Those were some qualities of Phoenix. But there is more to it. Tell me in the comment if you know anything more than this.

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