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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

So, you finally decided to be a witch, but don't exactly know where to start from? Don't worry I have been at your stage too and I can completely understand you. In this vast world of the internet, where there are so many descriptions for only one thing, it can be very difficult to find the right information which you really can use. It becomes very hard especially when it comes to the spiritual stuff. Why? Because there may be tones of people talking about spirituality, but their method may not suit you, or maybe the things which have worked for them may not work for you. Just like our body differs from that of others, spirituality and spiritual awakening are different for each individual.

But don't worry that's my work, to guide you when it all seems dark. I can be the light lamp for your path. I can't exactly tell you if these methods will work for you or not, but I can guarantee you one thing, it will be your paving stones in your spiritual path.

So now let's talk about the methods I personally used as a beginner witch, which helped me grow a lot.

1. CHOOSING YOUR GENRE: It is very important to know what kind of witch you are. Look if you have entered witchcraft then there is a high possibility that you already have a genre or even if you do not you can do some research about what element is yours? Or what element you rule with horoscope. It is very important to remember that you do not choose your element, the element chooses you. The element will lead you further in your crafts. It will help you master certain kinds of aspects of your magic or of your craft. For example, if you have water as your element then you can be a sea witch or a water witch. The water or sea spells would work more powerfully and more accurately by your hands. If you have land or earth as your element, then the green witch is your genre. The green magic spells and herbs and brews would be best suited for you. If you want to master more than one genre then you need at least one life span completely spent on one genre and then you could study about another in the next life.

2. YOUR BODY IS IMPORTANT: Always remember, in spirituality, things go really slow. They do not work like your internet connection, just with one click, you are done. Nope, for spirituality it really needs time. You cannot jump right away into spells and magic. First, you need to make your body capable of doing those huge energetical exchange. Witchcraft really promotes your physical health or you can also say that it is very much dependent on your physical state. Even though our soul is the backbone of our spirituality, our body is controlled by our mind and our mind is what helps us analyze things. So it is very important for our soul to be in alignment with our mind and body. That is why eating healthy is really important when you are in spirituality. Healthy food not only promotes our mind to becomes more stable but it is also a form of green magic that helps our body to grow energetically stronger. This is how you can survive those huge energetical shifts.

3. MANIFESTATION AND AFFIRMATIONS COME FIRST: Now you know you need to make your body healthy, the third thing that comes your way is that, before any spell or any kind of magic you need to have the power of manifestation and practice of affirmations. Before starting any kind of magic or ritual or spell I prefer one should be good at manifestation as it increases the chances of working of that spell, magic, or ritual. Affirmations will help your angels and your spirit guides to have better contact with you and then they will be present there when you need them for safety, as you never know what could go wrong while any spell or ritual.

4. WORK ON CHAKRA ALIGNMENT: This is something I would recommend every spiritual person to do. Chakra alignment is not only important for our magical powers but also important for our angles and spirit guides to contact with us. A bad chakra can spoil your every single effort within no time. Chakra energy not only supports and protects our aura but also, promotes our spiritual wisdom. Each chakra holds a different kind of energy and is the master of a certain kind of power within the human body. Invoking a single chakra can prove a humongous change or shit of energy in life. But the thing here is that they are in perfect order and if you want to open the sixth chakra which is your Ajna [third eye] Chakra you need to open all the five chakras before it. So you see it is not an easy task to be done. But alignment is something which is very easy.

5. DEVOTION & GRATITUDE IS THE ULTIMATE KEYS: Remember if you want to start in spirituality devotions and gratitude is what you should always have in your bag. Devotion would help your manifestations and affirmations to work for you more strongly than ever before. Gratitude will enhance your spirit's or soul's energy. Using gratitude as a tool you can even access your magic powers to work better than before.

But this is not everything that a new witch should know, there are many things you should be aware of. So let's take a look at what you should not do:

1. DO NOT SUMMON ANYTHING: Remember when you are just in practice and you are not very familiar with the paranormal world you should not summon anything no matter what. Keep that in mind that for summoning anyone we actually open a portal to the paranormal world and if you are not powerful enough or you have a week aura, it can actually lure any demon or negativity to you. In some cases, it can also prove death risking some time.

2. DO NOT USE SPELLS, YOU ARE NOT SURE OF: Always have in mind that a spell need way too much accuracy and it does not need any mistakes. If you use a spell that you do not know how to reverse it can prove very much self-destroying. So, before performing a spell always keep a reverse spell or an alternate, so that if anything goes wrong you would have at least your safety measures.

3. BE CLEAR WITH YOUR TALKING: Since you would be entering in witchcraft it is important to talk very clearly. Because your talking and verbal orders will be taken seriously by your angels. You should be careful that you're talking should not upset your spirit guides or your angels. Now they won't be mad if you say anything bad to a deserving person, but you surely upset them when you would be talking bad about your own self or you be manifesting bad things for you.

4. INTENTIONS DOES MATTER: Keep in mind that your intentions are what matters a lot. If you are learning witch more because of greed rather than thirst for knowledge or if you have bad intentions towards any particular thing, person or even the idea, it may not be working for you. If you have bad intentions it automatically upsets your spirit guides and angels and trust me, you CANNOT fool them. So have only good intentions, it doesn't harm to have a bit of inclination towards a material thing or personal deeds. But keeping a pure heart is really important.

5. WHAT OTHERS SAY DOES NOT MATTER: I know for a beginner it can be really difficult. Especially if you belong to a religious family or even if it is a simple family. Witch is the term which is used in history only to show villains. But you know that that's not true. Have faith in yourself and in the universe because it never lies to you and it could never do badly for you.

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