Higher Self

Those who seek outside, will find Stone in God. But the ones who seek inside will find God in Stone.

I don't know about you or anyone else, but I sure ask myself what is Higher-Self and how does it work. Since I read tarot, I am a bit aware of what is it and how it works. 'But there is more to it' is always in the back of my head. So I tried meditating and working along with it and I discovered a lot and wanted to share it with you stars.

What is Higher-Self?

Higher-self is nothing more than our soul.

Now it may sound weird but have you ever noticed that no matter what, everyone have a soft side, whether it is only for their own-self? They keep their soft corners on ease, only according to their own knowledge. That is where it comes that no one's soul is bad,

Because all of us are born only with love.

If you have ever noticed a child, they would amaze at everything and hold no grudges against anyone. Eventually, hatred grows as a child grow, well, that's a sad part, we ain't gonna discuss that here.

But higher selves are the connection between you and your soul. The stronger the connection, the better the understanding of yourself and your spirituality.

As one seeps in the depth of their higher self, they become more lovable, caring and connected to nature. Because no matter what we do or what we become at the very end of the day our body will eventually burn out and all we will be left with is our soul, which is immortal, so in the end, it's just our soul, our higher-self working.

Maybe you forgot about your soul after coming here, on the physical plane, but it doesn't and it never will.

How does it work?

Its another work of spirituality. It helps you remind your destiny and also fills you in with the divine plans, which sometimes are not only for you but also for your surrounding too. It just a matter of fact of what is higher-self can do.

It is you, in your true form and what else can you expect it to do other than your own growth?

I hope this article can help you clear your doubts a bit, for confirmation, why not watch the video down below!

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