Easy Money Spell|For Beginner Witches

Money is better if kept in pocket as a servant. If kept in head as a ruler it only bring destruction. ~Neko

Hiyo stars, hows you?

Today I have come up with a common but very effective spell that is guaranteed to work for 100%. This is a spell I learnt at my beginner's stage, but trust me this very effective. Now let's get started with it:


  1. A green|red|black or any dark coloured pouch

  2. Six coins from any currency you want to attract

  3. Four cloves

  4. One stick of cinnamon


  1. Do not do it in front of anyone, make sure you do it when you are all alone.

  2. Use a freshly washed pouch or beg. Also, remember to dry and recharge it with sunlight.

  3. Before using cinnamon or clove dry them and recharge them in sunlight also.

  4. Wash the coin with holy water. If you don't have any holy water then you can use any kind of recharged water and if not have even that, then simply wash them with plain water.

  5. Remember to chant clearly but not necessarily loud.


Take the pouch or the beg and place the six coins inside it, along with the cloves and the cinnamon. While doing so repeatedly chant the word

"Money, money, money..." and put some of your energy too. You can even meditate if you want.

When done, close the pouch or the beg and place it in your purse or in the safe where you keep the money.

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