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Crow is one of the most wise and ancient creature walking on the planet and they magic powers they have, no one can even think of ~Neko

The bird crow is said to be a bad omen, sometimes even symbolize as death itself. But that's not quite a truth. Here are some spiritual facts about the crow, that would make you think twice before ever thinking it only as a bad omen. So let's start:

Magic with a crow:

Crows are the birds have been living on the planet form a very early stage, as we can found their memories in most of our ancient histories. Since no one allowed them and they were only adopted by witches and dark aspects of the community. It made them very relatable to magic. They have been a part of many history-changing rituals and it would not be wrong to say that their appearance has very magical meaning to it.

Ancient Wisdom:

As I told you earlier that crows have been here from the very starting of mankind, so they can easily be called as ancient birds. They were also part of many historical events of mankind and they have observed many events as real spectators. So, it would not be wrong to say that they have ancient wisdom. This ancient wisdom not only makes them wise but also have helped them prove significant in many rituals.

Meaning of colour:

The black colour from the very beginning of history has meant the unknown and mysteries. The appearance of crow also signifies the mysteries and unknown which are soon going to come out and you should be prepared for that. Their colour also signifies and transformation and stubbornness, which if used properly then is a really useful tool for spiritual growth.

Change is the key:

A crow also symbolize the change and it also tells you to change with time. A crow as a spirit guide will always love if you would have small changes in your habits. Crows as a spirit guide can be really stubborn if not paid attention to properly.

Crow with death:

Crows has a history of getting attached to death. They are called as the omen of death. It is true. They symbolize death which is actually the death of olds and useless stuff. As they symbolize change, they also symbolize the death of the old and renewal of new things.

But sometimes they can also represent the actual death of a person. But again, death is nothing more than a mere transformation of the body for a soul. If you are in spirituality then must understand that body is nothing more than a piece of the planet earth and one day it will become one with the earth. But soul, it is eternal and it changes its body. This deep understandment of knowledge is given to us by crows as our ancestors are sometimes said to come back in the forms of crow.

The crow is also a vehicle of a Hindu Deity, Karmfal-Data Shani.

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