Chakras and their Understandment.

Chakras are not just energy wheels of life. They are the tools to achieve the ultimate goal of human life. ~Neko

Chakra, is the topic for today, I have been studying this topic for a while now, and I wanted to share the information with you stars. I have discovered many this about it, so I can assure you that this topic ain't gonna end in this post only. More things will be coming your way.

So for this post, we will be talking about the base of all the chakras and, as usual, there is also gonna be additional information too!

Let's start:

What is Chakra?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word and means wheel in English. A wheel, which is also the basic representation of energy, is used for Chakra because these Chakras contain energies of different levels. Chakra can be filled with different levels of energies and with different types of methods, these energies can be unleashed.

How do Chakras from?

There are 72,000 Nadis in a simple human body. These Nadis contain Pranas and they all are connected at different parts of the body. When these Nadis connect, they always connect in the form of a triangle. These triangles are found in our body at 114 different locations. Meaning there are 114 different junction points or you can say Chakra points.

But from all of these 114 chakras, we have specified only 7 different Chakras. As they are considered as the most vital or major point in our body which affects our lives.

Okay so that was for basic now let's look at Chakras themselves:

ROOT CHAKRA: Which is also known as Muladhara chakra is the chakra found between genitals and the anus opening point AKA perineum. Like its name, this Chakra is the base of our body which connects us to the mother nature or the universe itself. If your energies are dominant at this point then you will be a person of eat and sleep. The food and the shelter will be the major points for you.

SACRAL CHAKRA: Which is also called as Swadishthana chakra is found in the genitals or just in the lowermost part of the lumbar spine. This chakra is all about to enjoy and pleasure. Pleasure necessarily does not mean sex but it simply means enjoying the life's luxuries in any way possible. If this is the point where your energies are dominant then you are a pleasure seeker. Means you want only pleasure in your life and you will looking only for life's luxuries and achieving them will be your ultimate goal.

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: Also known as Manipura chakra. It is located near the belly button in the lower breast bone. It is all about doing or making things possible or making an impact. If your energies are dominant in your Manipura then that means you are a doer in the world. Maybe you're a businessman or a politician. You have this urge of doing something. Transforming the world, making an impact that gives your joy of achievement.

HEART CHAKRA: Which is also known as the Anahata chakra. It is found at the centre of your chest and is all about creativity. It is the only chakra which contains two triangles instead of one in it. It is the centre if creating something new. If your energies are dominant in this part than you are gifted with creativity. This is a point known to be anything and it gives your power to be anything. This chakra is all about creation and creating.

THROAT CHAKRA: Also known as the Vishuddhi chakra. This can be found right at the centre of your throat and is all about power. This chakra provides with high power of domination over anything. If your powers are dominant in this part than you are a powerful person. This chakra gives the dominance to your presence in the universe or space you can say.

THIRD EYE CHAKRA: Which is found right at the centre of your forehead above your brows. Like its name, this chakra is all about seeing things. This helps us see things the way they are. Not molding the reality or something like that, only the way it is. If your powers are dominant in this part than you become intellectually realized or crystal clear with reality. You will know what is the truth the way it is, not the way it is shown.

CROWN CHAKRA: Also known as Sahasrara chakra. It is found right above 6-8 centimetres of your head and is responsible for all your spiritual connection. You can also call it the antenna for the universe. If your powers are dominant in this part than you become unexplainably, unreasonably aesthetic in your life. Simply become crazily aesthetic.

Now its time for additional information, which is:

  • These chakras are just the intensity of life. As the intensity of life increases your ability to experience life also increase and with the increase in your life experience it increases the quality of life.

  • The lower three chakras (Muladhara, Swadishthana, Manipura) are the survival chakras. They connect you to the body.

  • The upper three chakras (Vishuddhi, Ajan, Sahasrara) are the chakras which help you tear through the physical limits and discover the different dimensions of existence.

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