Chakra and its Importance

Now Chakras are no jokes. These are the essentials of any life who wants to cross a certain level of consciousness. They are just like our body parts; if we keep them aligned they will benefit us, but if we get them blocked they will pain us. They can not only be the cause of mental distress such as depression, anxiety, insomnia or something like that. But they are also proved to give us chronic diseases. Now I don't want to name them, for sure they include cancer, tuberculosis, pancreatic and list goes on.

Meaning of Chakra is a wheel or round in Sanskrit, Devanagari or Hindi. But that's not what they are. In reality, our human body is filled with 72,000 nadis. They can also be called empty vessels. They are spread throughout the human body. They don't have any blood or any other bodily material flowing inside them. They are simply empty that's what scientists believe.

But they are not empty according to Yogic Science. Yogis said that they are not empty, they are filled with our life energies. Our life energies flow through them. But not all of them active at the same time. Some human even live without using any of them. Some on the other hand, who are great yogis and mystics use all of them at the same time, which makes their life a walking miracle.

Just like our nervous system, these nadis are connected to each other and the point they meet are called chakra.

Now they don't meet in any circular form instead they meet in a triangular form. Triangle, according to the yogic sciences are the most powerful geometrical shape in terms of energy. So the points where these nadis meet making a triangle creates energy vortexes. The only shape energy exists is circular that's why they are called chakras.

Always remember its triangle which creates energy and its circle in which that created energy exist. Just like, we are called by our names, by our existence, rather than calling human1, human2, or so on. Chakras are called after their existence.

While searching online you may find many articles saying this exercise or this meditation will open this chakra or that chakra. But that's not true. No chakra can be opened spontaneously, they need to open one by one. And also opening up the very first chakra can make you feel aesthetic more than you have ever thought that you would feel. It couldn't be an experience that you would forget in your life ever. Don't worry I am not saying you can't open up your chakra, am saying you can open them up one by one and it requires a lot of effort. Or a deep, deep devotion.

And also there are not only seven chakras there are around 114 chakras in our human body.

Hopefully, we don't have to open all of them, as opening only seven of them can make us enlightened.

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