Annahata, a Sacred place not to visit

You must have known about seven chakras in our body. Muladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipura, Annahata, Vishuddhi, Ajna and Sahasrara. We all know that every chakra has its own unique powers and abilities. But there is something special about Annahata, and we all know it deep down our heart.

Commonly, Annahata is the Heart Chakra. It contains the power of compassion, love, sincerity and acceptance. The word for this chakra is I Love, and the colour for this chakra is green, which actually means healing. But these are just usual and heard things, but down here are the most untalked and unknown qualities about Annahata or our Heart Chakra:

  • Annahata is a Sanskrit word which means one which is Unstruck. Annahata is formed: by two triangles overlapping each other on a perfect angle making a symbol of a star with six sides. The triangle itself is a powerful and spiritual geometrical shape. Two triangle overlapping means that there are two perfectly stable energies, and when they cross each other, they produce a power which is unstruck or untouchable. As we cannot touch or see a thing until and unless it reflects backs the vibrations. But Annahata is the only place which never reflects the frequencies of sound. It means the union of two, Shiva and Shakti. It is the most powerful structure in the universe itself.

  • The place annahata itself is very mysterious and dangerous that it must be kept out of the reach of a normal human being if they want to live sanely. Annahata is a place where there are only sounds, and each of this sound has a specific origin which it is always connected to. Every sound there is connected to a specific thing, for example, if you hear a damru then it Shiva's sound. It is highest of all the other energy places\dimensions.

  • Annahata have its own residentials and they quite not like humans in our world. You can find creatures which certainly not resemble with humans even in on the physical base. If you have ever seen a Dakini, Shakini, or maybe Lankini or if you ever ask a real Tantrik about them they will tell you how terrific these creatures can look. Some of them don't have a nose or may have three eyes or may walk on four legs. Means a complete no-no to a sane person. Plus these creatures are quite reactive when it comes to humans as they can sense their presence easily and can also use humans as a medium to travel to the human world.

  • Now if these things are making you excited, I have Annahata Sadhna for you. Yes, there is a sadhana which is called Annahata sadhana which can open your heart chakra and can send you to its world. But for doing this sadhana, one must remember to do it under the presence of a Guru. As it requires a specific kind of sweetness in your emotions and feelings. Because losing all your fearlessness when a noseless creature pops up in front of you can lead to drastic consequences. If you have noticed a Witch or a Tantrik, then you must have known that they never get afraid while dealing with paranormal activities. Where those ghosts or non-human looking figures can take your breath out, these Tantriks and Witches behave like they never get affected by them. This sweetness to their emotion of keeping calm even after seeing something which is not very usual is what requires to entre Annahata. After all, in annahata, you never know what can come after you and what can entre this human world with you. I am sure none of us is interested in bringing another Anabelle to this world.

So here you have something very unusual things about annahata which I never heard anyone talking.

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